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Depression… Described

The musician Mokita’s song colorblind captures the essence of depression.

The Truth About Bickering

What Causes It – How To End it


Information on the Born This Way Foundation’s #BeKind21 campaign.

Sometimes You Just Have To Argue With A Narcissist

When you do, here are tips to help you survive.

Marriage — ‘Masters’ vs. ‘Disasters’

A look at traits common to both successful and unsuccessful marriages.

How And Why To Rein In Your Emotions

Especially valuable advice during these troubled times.

The Beauty Of A Long-Term Relationship

Four ways to enhance the strength of your permanent commitment.

The Insidious Problem Of Verbal Abuse

How to spot patterns of verbal abuse

Overcoming The Fear That May Be Holding You Back

Including a summary of the Seven Fear Archetypes

Social Anxiety? This May Help.

Tips to get back to in-person socializing — stress free.

Back-To-School Part 3: Back-To-School Tips For Anxious Kids… And Parents

Anxiety can hit parents and kids alike.

Back-To-School Part 2: Tips For A Stress-Free Return To School

Stress is natural. Here’s how to cope.

Back-To-School Part 1: How To Help Your Child Return To Old School Routines

The first day of school is coming fast.

Nine Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety

There are ways to cope.

Four Tips To Improve Your Romantic Relationship

A little relationship work goes a long way.

Drinking Too Much? This May Help. 

Tips for assessing your relationship with alcohol.

The Value And Strength Of ‘Character’

The key character traits that contribute to psychological well-being.

Have You Heard Of Dr. Spock?

New research confirms the wisdom of the Doctor’s advice from 75 years ago.

“Burnout” In 2021

Emotional exhaustion is real and far-reaching.

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Emotions

Grounding techniques to cope with negative thoughts.

How Narcissistic Mothers Affect Their Daughters

The characteristics of a narcissistic mother – and the possible effects on their daughters.

The Secret To Providing True Support For Your Partner

It’s called “invisible support.”

Is Your Partner Sabotaging Your Relationship? Are You?

How to spot self-sabotaging behavior — and what to do about it.

Was Dear Old Dad Really A Narcissist?

How to tell if he was — and what effect that may have had on you.

Helping Kids Transition Back To “Normal”

Kids may feel anxious as pandemic restrictions subside. Here’s how to help.

How To Spot A Narcissist

It may not be as easy as you think.

The Mystery Of Stockholm Syndrome

When victims defend their abusers.

Have You Heard Of A Trauma Bond?

Sadly, it’s a repeated cycle of abuse, devaluation and positive reinforcement.

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

How to use personal affirmations to reduce anxiety

You’re Invited: Townhall Online – Mental Health In Focus

An online event recorded so you can watch at any time.

Can PTSD Lead To Love Avoidance?

Absolutely — and here’s why.

Love Addicts And Avoidants

Helping couples understand these common behavioral tendencies.

When Bad News Rocks Your Kids’ World

Tips for helping kids deal with difficult situations.

What’s Up With Gen Z?

Basically, they’re stressed out, and here’s why.

Goodbye Quarantine – Hello Social Awkwardness

And what to do about it

Pandemic-Induced Boozing: No Laughing Matter

Alcohol consumption has sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Here’s why that’s not good.

Change Is Inevitable – Seize The Opportunity

Tips to make the most of life’s transitions

Getting Back To Normal? Not So Fast.

Tips to help your kids resume normal activities and return to school

Healthy Ways To Manage Stress – For Your Kids’ Sake

Tips for creating a healthy family environment

Has Loneliness Become A Problem?

Indicators to watch for – and tips to combat loneliness

Grieving In The Age Of Covid

Insights about the many forms of loss during the pandemic

Leaving Loneliness Behind

Tips to ease back into normal social interaction

How To Flourish Despite Adversity

The key is resilience

How Grieving Leads To Healing

Grieving is necessary to heal

The Secret To Great Sex

In a word — it’s intimacy

A Little Secret To A Happier Relationship

A lesson derived from clear communication

Sleepless Nights? There Are Simple, Effective Ways To Cope

Tips to help you beat insomnia

Do Your Friends Like Your Dating Partner?

A question that should be explored, and here’s why

Do You Have Mental Health Questions About The Pandemic?

Submit questions by March 10, 2020 to participate in an online project

How To Improve Your Long-Distance Relationship

Common-sense ideas that may pay off in the long run

Teaching Your Kids To Properly Manage Stress

Modeling a healthy reaction to stress helps your kids in the long run

Talking To Kids About Covid

Tips for explaining the situation if a relative is ill

The Timeless Benefit Of Unstructured Play

Tips for parents to encourage “unstructured play”

Tips For Women To Manage Work-Life Balance

Especially valuable if you have kids at home remote-learning

Five Ways To Cope With Economic Stress

Dealing with pandemic-induced economic stress

Do You Have Any ‘Harmless Habits?’

10 habits that may be holding you back.

How To Get Out Of A Relationship Rut

Tips for reviving a relationship that may have been hampered by the pandemic.

Dating At A Distance — Tips To Make It Succeed

Virtual dating can work — here’s how

Feeling Post-Election Stress? Here Are Ways To Cope.

A few tips to lower your anxiety.

Combatting Suicidal Thoughts

Demi Lovato and her battle with depression and consequent suicidal thoughts.

The Ill Effects Of Racial Trauma

Racism can involve trauma that needs to be addressed in order to heal.

Six Tips For Avoiding Job Search Burnout

As if dealing with the coronavirus itself isn’t hard enough, a staggering number of people are also dealing with a side effect of the pandemic: job loss.

Fighting With Your Spouse? You’re Not Alone.

Spending 24/7 with your partner during the pandemic? What could go wrong? Actually, plenty.

Books To Ease Your Kids’ Anxiety

A list of 10 children’s books recommended by psychologists that will help comfort your kids in these trying times.

Six Tips For Comforting Your Kids In Trying Times

Kids of all ages are feeling stress and anxiety in response to the pandemic. Here are six tips to help them cope.

Prayer In Response To The Pandemic

Search volume for the term “prayer” surged 50% during February-March, 2020 as the pandemic raged worldwide. Here’s a look at how and why people pray in times of crisis.

How To Fight The Holiday Blues

Just to cap off 2020 —probably the strangest year of most of our lives — most of us are celebrating the holidays with far fewer members of our extended families. This is having a predictable result: loneliness. Here are some tips for fighting the holiday blues.

8 Ways Teachers Can Help Students In These Strange Times

While children are often responding to these strange times in negative ways, there are positive steps teachers can take to help.

Justin Bieber And The Cost Of Fame

How would it feel to be the most searched-for person in the world on Google? You might ask Justin Bieber to answer those questions because he has held that ranking at times. But there are drawbacks to fame, discussed in depth in Bieber’s new YouTube docuseries Seasons.

Do You Have Family Members Taking Covid Risks?

It may be hard to believe but here’s one more issue creating divisiveness among families: Covid safety precautions. Here are five tips to handle a conversation about a potentially contentious subject.

Six Tips For Some Much Needed Self Care

In the aftermath of the election, there is one thing we can all agree on — it has been a long, hard-fought path to the White House. It’s time for a time-out, and some self-care for ourselves and our communities. The solution? Try these six science-backed ways to give ourselves a break.

Can We Cross The Bridge Of Our Political Divide?

Does it seem like the presidential election was ages ago? It just might, especially as new state-mandated restrictions are in place in response to an increase in Covid-19-related hospitalizations. But political tensions remain, and are likely to take center stage again.

Have You Heard of Agoraphobia?

It’s a type of anxiety disorder that leads you to fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to have a negative reaction. No surprise — an uptick in agoraphobia has been noted as the Covid-19 pandemic wears on.

Little Relief After Election, According to New Survey

So, now that the election is over, are you feeling better? If not, rest assured you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the vast majority of Americans did anything but breathe a big sigh of relief.

For Families Torn Apart by Politics, Election Fallout Is Just Beginning.

Are some members of your family on one side of the political spectrum, while others are on the opposite side? Welcome to family life in America, 2020. Brittany Wong, writing on, has an insightful article on this exact subject.

Are You Feeling Socially Isolated?

With millions of people now working from home, catching up with friends on Zoom meetings and even visiting their older relatives through the safety of a glass window, feelings of isolation are predictably on the rise.

Are We All Becoming Socially Awkward?

A little-known side effect of quarantining during the pandemic: “It seems adults deprived of consistent and varied peer contact can get just as clumsy at social interactions as inexperienced kids.”

This Is Your Brain On Love

Are people in couples truly addicted to each other?

Living Through Adversity with Self-Compassion

Self-compassion helps us move beyond blame and toward appreciation

Make Your Brain Smarter

Increase your brain’s creativity, energy and focus

Why Some People Are More Resilient Than Others

A recent study discovered two factors that characterize resilient people

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