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How To Help Children Build Resilience

It starts by building a foundation of positive experiences.

Dealing With Childhood Stress In A Healthy Way

The importance of positive relationships with parents and caregivers.

Want To Think Faster? Here’s How.

The key is to enhance your fluid intelligence.

A Very Simple Contributor To Success

It’s not a magic key to success – but it’s a god start.

Seven Ways To Nurture A Healthy Romantic Relationship

Based on research on happily married couples.

How Much Screen Time Is Enough For Your Kids?

Limits should be set. Here’s how to do it.

Does Socializing Leave Your Exhausted? Or Exhilarated?

Hint: It may depend on whether you’re an extrovert or introvert

Advice For Parents of Kids 6-10

Tips for handling the ages leading into puberty

Why We Get Angry And What To Do About It

Diving Into The Roots Of One Our Most Complex Emotions

Which Way To Happiness?

Discussing the Macronutrients of Happiness

It’s Been How Long Since You Had Sex?

How our sense of time affects that answer.

Navigating the Intricacies of Modern Relationships

How to deal with the freedom found in a modern relationship.

How To Enhance That “Other” Kind of Intimacy.

Tips for firing up your emotional intimacy.

Four Signs of Serious Trouble In A Relationship

Otherwise known as the Four Horsemen of a doomed relationship.

Is Wearing Prada Really So Bad?

Exploring the link between “attachment style” and consumerism.

The Magical Effects Of Physical Touch

Why everything from heartfelt hugs to therapeutic massages are good for you.

Are You In Control Of Your Emotions?

The “Wiser” method of reacting to difficult people or situations.

The Effects of Grief and the Opportunity For Healing

A neurologist discusses the complexities of grieving.

The Complex Issue of Cyberbullying

What it is and what to do about it.

Improve Your Sex Life No Matter Your Age

It might just require a healthier lifestyle.

Ah, The Business of Dating — Or, “Dating Tips For Adults”

Figuring out what you want from dating.

Exploring Narcissism From Different Perspectives

An in-depth interview with expert on narcissism Dr. Ramani.

Speak Your Mind – If You Dare

Tips on speaking up in the workplace.

The Key To Fighting Right: Listening

How conflicts can actually bring couples closer.

A Look At The Rise Of Late-In-Life Divorce

Over 50 and getting divorced? You’re not alone.

60 Seconds To A More Creative Day

The unexpected benefits of random acts.

Children’s Books — Read by Their Authors

A wonderful YouTube channel for the whole family.

Women And Stress: What To Watch For

Signs and symptoms to look for.

Did The Problem Start In Childhood?

12 questions to help you figure that out.

Been Daydreaming Lately?

Turns out that’s a good thing. Here’s why.

Are You Searching For Meaning?

Tips for enhancing meaning in your life.

Is It Time To Reinvent Yourself?

If you need more than a single resolution to make this a great year, check out this video.

Tips For A Successful Dry January

Skipping alcohol for 31 days has real health benefits.

Finding Genuine Love In A Relationship

Podcaster Jay Shetty discusses the five types of attraction.

Setting Boundaries To Keep The Peace At Holiday Time

Boundaries are a great way to ensure a joyous holiday event.

Teens And Alcohol — A Volatile Mix

Insights about the choice of allowing teens a few sips of alcohol

How To Destress Around The Holidays

Tips to help you actually enjoy the season.

Respect — The Canary In The Coal Mine

Disrespect is a sign that your relationship is in trouble.

What To Do About The Worst Kind Of Lying

How to spot and cope with a pathological liar.

The Wonder of Thanksgiving

The benefits of gratitude and more.

8 Rules of Love

Mel Robbins interviews Bestselling author Mel Shetty about his new book.

A Heartbreaking Turn For Bruce Willis

Recently diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Five Books That May Change Your Life

Great books touching on self-improvement and increasing productivity.

Individuals Evolve, So Why Not Relationships?

Six typical ways in which healthy relationships evolve.

Increasing The Joy In Your Life Through Better Sex

Now who wouldn’t want that.

The Gift Of Shared Laughter

A great way to build friendships — and enhance intimacy

Making Your Kids More Emotionally Intelligent

Beginning with three phrases you should never use.

The Role of Hate In Tumultuous World

As we’ve recently seen, hate can lead to unspeakably horrific acts.

Seven Tips For Creating A Positive Work Environment

They start with respect.

Have You Heard Of The Dark Triad?

It’s a combination of three not-very-nice personality traits.

Disagreement Can Be Healthy – Really

The trick is being able to offer constructive criticism.

What Are You Looking For In A Life Partner – And Why?

The top five motivating factors.

The Immeasurable Value of Encouraging Kids to Read

Research reveals the value of simply reading for pleasure.

A ‘Potentially’ Good Relationship May Be A Fantasy

Not all people, or relationships, reach their potential.

Dealing With A Narcissist? Watch This. 

10 ways to resist being manipulated by a narcissist.

The Long-Term Effects of Sexual Harassment

They can be both psychological and physical.

I’m Crying About This — Again?

Why we cry — and why that’s okay.

Not Just A Long Relationship – Long And Good

Tips for a thriving relationship over the long haul.

Seven Signs Resentment May Be Building

Resentment Is A Symptom. These may be the underlying cause.

Stressed Out? This May Help. 

Signs of stress and what to do about them.

Recognizing That Even Twins Are Individuals 

Some tips to recognize that individuality.

The Evolution of Talk Therapy

How your life experiences shape your present behavior.

Postpartum Depression Is Real

Tips for new mothers heading back into the work force after childbirth.

When Emotions Overwhelm Clear Thinking

How to get back on track following a disagreement.

Better Than Speed Reading

A New App For Digests Of Popular Books

Letting Go Is More Than Moving On

Tips for handling the scary issue of change.

A Small (But Important) Matter of Focus

The benefits of mindfulness are many.

Death Is Inevitable. Fearing It Is Not.

A feeling of anxiety may stem from a fear of death.

Keeping Depression From Being A Career Roadblock

Tips for coping with depression on the job.

Tips For Moving On When You Really Need To

Letting go isn’t easy but it is doable.

Denial, Repression and Other Wonderful Self Defenses

But the fact is that self defense can prevent growth.

One Thing That Can Make Breaking Up Even Worse

When one partner threatens self-harm of the other leaves.

Spreading The Joy

It’s healthy to find joy in a friend’s success.

Moving On After A Breakup

Why you may want to cut off all contact with an ex.

How To Have A Happier Mother’s Day

The answer is probably not what you think it is.

The Many Nuances Of Childhood Trauma

How childhood trauma can lead to adult over-reaction.

The Pursuit of Happiness

And what you need for a successful pursuit.

Hidden Opportunities

Traumatic events offer an opportunity to grow

How To Avoid Getting Involved With A Narcissist

Tips from Dr. Ramani

The Keys To A Long-Term Relationship

The qualities common in successful long-term relationship.

Could The Problem Be In The Mirror?

Self-sabotaging a relationship is possible. Here’s what you need to know.

The Goal: An Independent Child

Tips to help turn your children into independent adults.

Why, Exactly, Do We Procrastinate?

Anxiety may be the real problem.

Can Being With A Narcissist Literally Affect Your Body?

Unfortunately, yes – watch the video for a full discussion.

Compatibility — What’s It All About?

The nature vs. nurture debate continues.

Light Drinking – What’s The Harm?

Actually, there. may be a lot of harm.

Forget, “Hi, How Are You?”

How to turn small talk into a genuine conversation.

All Work and No Play…

Trying playing together to deepen your relationship.

No, You’re Not A Mind Reader

Yet another reason communication is critical.

Must-Have’s In A Relationship

Here’s a list to get you thinking.

Relationship Killers 

Watch Esther Perel dive deep into this relevant topic.

Critical Parenting “Should Nots”

Four important mistakes to avoid.

How to Help Your Kids Be Mentally Strong

Developing habits to last a lifetime.

The Rewards of Finding Balance in a Relationship

Exploring the concept of “differentiation.”

Be. Here. Now.

Mindfulness techniques for a healthier you.

The Subtle Nature of a Fear of Abandonment

It often manifests itself as an insecure attachment style.

How and Why To Make Time For Socializing

Socializing is healthy. So make time for it!

The Power of Nonviolent Communication

Defusing conflict based on tips from the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Romantic Partners – Heal Thyself First

Overcoming anxious attachment to form a deeper relationship.

How Did You Choose Your Partner?

It may have been based on your attachment style.

Four Keys to a Stronger Relationship

Relationships require work. Here’s where to start.

Drinking Too Much? You Should Probably Read This. 

How over-consumption affects your body

The Secret to Happiness. Really

Based on research from a nearly century-long study.

Prince Harry – Family Relationships Gone Awry

Watch as Anderson Cooper Interviews Prince Harry

How To Enhance Intimacy

It all begins with communication.

Insights on Cultivating Professional Relationships

Culled from an interview with John Gottman.

Developmental Stages of a Relationship

The four stages from infatuation to settling down.

Does Your Attachment Style Affect Your Relationship?

It all began with how you were treated as an infant.

Can You Change Your Partner? Should You?

A complex question that deserves your attention.

Real-Life Rules For A Successful Marriage

10 tips to help ensure peace in your relationship

Red Flags, Jealousy and More in a Relationship

Lewis Howes interviews Esther Perel

The Most Common Reasons Relationships Fail.

In this video, Esther Perel explores the subject.

Does Your Partner Take Offense Easily? There Are Complex And Nuanced Reasons For The Reaction. 

Tips for recognizing an overreaction – and 10 ways to fight it.

Could Collaborating And Communicating Help Your Relationship?

A technique borrowed from business that can help couples.

Word of the Year — Gaslighting

Maybe identifying it will discourage it.

Is Lying An Art?

Lying just may be more complicated than you imagine.

Coming Soon: The Bittersweet Holidays

How to cope with all-too-common holiday sadness.

Gaslighting. What It Is – What To Do About It.

It happens in relationships and in the workplace.

Tips For Improving Sibling Relationships

Encouraging deep relationships for a lifetime.

Is Your Relationship Destined To Succeed?

Four characteristics that strongly predict success.

Making The Pitch To Work From Home

Tips for getting a “yes” to your proposal.

How To Cope With Pandemic-Inspired Grief

Insights from renowned grief expert David Kessler.

Tapping Into The Potential Of True Conversation

A video that explores Imago Relational Therapy.

Overcoming Trauma Through The Miracle of Neuroplasticity

The key is practicing openness rather than avoidance.

How Mindfulness Can Deepen Your Romantic Relationship

Mindfulness actually affects the brain in surprising ways.

Dancing Between The Raindrops

How past traumatic events can affect your romantic relationships.

Stressed Out? How You React Has Repercussions.

And that’s especially true in regard to children.

Just Say No To The Amygdala

How to overcome our involuntary reactions to perceived danger.

How Does Your Narcissistic Partner See You?

First off, is your partner a narcissist?

Post-Pandemic Help For Those With ADHD

For both adults and children with ADHD.

War: Balancing Empathy and Anxiety

Helping out starts with helping yourself.

Burned Out At Work? This May Help. 

Advice to avoid being overwhelmed at work.

Books To Help Your Kids Thrive

Top books to help your kids deal with stress and anxiety.

Can’t Get Away From Your Email?

How to lower the stress of dealing with email.

What’s Really Happening When Your Partner Criticizes You?

Behind every criticism is a wish, claims Esther Perel.

Easy Not-So-Typical Mental Health Habits

Some daily habits that just may improve your mental health.

Nine Keys To A Successful Relationship

Quite a checklist but one worth knowing.

Suffering From Covid Shame?

Catching a virus is not some kind of moral failure.

Gen Z: Enduring A Pandemic Experience All Their Own

How to react to the stress of the pandemic in positive ways.

How To Keep Pandemic News From Overwhelming You

The trick is to manage your flow of information. Here’s how.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Really?

The ill effects of toxic positivity.

Can You Spot An Emotionally Intelligent Person?

Here are some things to look for.

Breaking Bad Habits — Creating Good Ones

The key is to rewire your brain — here’s how.

Is It Possible To Find The Perfect Relationship?

Watch Esther Perel explore this fascinating subject.

The Number One Predictor Of Divorce

And it’s probably not what you think it is.

Combating The Ill Effects Of Uncertainty

Tips for dealing with life’s uncertainties.

Should You Resolve To Call It Quits?

Seven signs you may never be fulfilled in your relationship.

Helping To Control What You Can Control

Insights about self-regulation.

Beat The Holiday Blues

A few tips for coping when the holidays aren’t so joyous.

The Best Career Advice of 2021

Advice from prominent therapists about work and career.

Resolve — To Be A Better Partner

Verbal affirmations may be the key.

Coping With The Reality Of Racial Trauma

Identifying and dealing with racial trauma.

How The Holidays Stress Relationships — And What To Do About It

Recognizing your style of conflict resolution during the holidays.

The Year’s Best Books For Your Mental Health

20 books that may change your life.

Taking The Stress Our Of The Holidays

Simple tips for making the holidays more enjoyable.

What To Do If You Dread The Upcoming Day

Signs and treatment of anxiety.

The Negative Effects Of Sleeping Poorly

And what you can do about that.

How Couples Can Use A Fight To Grow Their Relationship

Esther Perel’s insights about couples fighting.

To Be Or Not To Be

A look at the sources of an existential crisis.

Friendships and Happiness

Tips for making new friends at any age.

What Is Your Attachment Style?

An overview of the four adult attachment styles.

Have You Heard Of Trauma Bonding?

How to spot the signs of this abusive behavior.

Looking For The Good… And Finding Happiness

A crucial element in happy long-term relationships

Can There Be ‘The One?’

Another perspective on “true love”

Parenting Language To Avoid

Watch out for these expressions.

Is That Flag Trying To Tell You Something?

Red flags in relationships.

Anxiety Symptoms In Children

How to spot the warning signs.

Eight Essential Conversations

The keys to creating an amazing love story.

Understanding Mental Responses to Physical Ailments

Emotional responses to disease demand attention.

ADD: More Complex Than You May Have Imagined

Seven types of ADD identified.

Sticks and Stones

Verbal abuse, unfortunately, can “break bones.”

Is There A Key To Truly Loving Another?

Yes, and here is a short video that makes the case.

Depression… Described

The musician Mokita’s song colorblind captures the essence of depression.

The Truth About Bickering

What Causes It – How To End it.


Information on the Born This Way Foundation’s #BeKind21 campaign.

Sometimes You Just Have To Argue With A Narcissist

When you do, here are tips to help you survive.

Marriage — ‘Masters’ vs. ‘Disasters’

A look at traits common to both successful and unsuccessful marriages.

How And Why To Rein In Your Emotions

Especially valuable advice during these troubled times.

The Beauty Of A Long-Term Relationship

Four ways to enhance the strength of your permanent commitment.

The Insidious Problem Of Verbal Abuse

How to spot patterns of verbal abuse.

Overcoming The Fear That May Be Holding You Back

Including a summary of the Seven Fear Archetypes.

Social Anxiety? This May Help.

Tips to get back to in-person socializing — stress free.

Back-To-School Part 3: Back-To-School Tips For Anxious Kids… And Parents

Anxiety can hit parents and kids alike.

Back-To-School Part 2: Tips For A Stress-Free Return To School

Stress is natural. Here’s how to cope.

Back-To-School Part 1: How To Help Your Child Return To Old School Routines

The first day of school is coming fast.

Nine Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety

There are ways to cope.

Four Tips To Improve Your Romantic Relationship

A little relationship work goes a long way.

Drinking Too Much? This May Help. 

Tips for assessing your relationship with alcohol.

The Value And Strength Of ‘Character’

The key character traits that contribute to psychological well-being.

Have You Heard Of Dr. Spock?

New research confirms the wisdom of the Doctor’s advice from 75 years ago.

“Burnout” In 2021

Emotional exhaustion is real and far-reaching.

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Emotions

Grounding techniques to cope with negative thoughts.

How Narcissistic Mothers Affect Their Daughters

The characteristics of a narcissistic mother – and the possible effects on their daughters.

The Secret To Providing True Support For Your Partner

It’s called “invisible support.”

Is Your Partner Sabotaging Your Relationship? Are You?

How to spot self-sabotaging behavior — and what to do about it.

Was Dear Old Dad Really A Narcissist?

How to tell if he was — and what effect that may have had on you.

Helping Kids Transition Back To “Normal”

Kids may feel anxious as pandemic restrictions subside. Here’s how to help.

How To Spot A Narcissist

It may not be as easy as you think.

The Mystery Of Stockholm Syndrome

When victims defend their abusers.

Have You Heard Of A Trauma Bond?

Sadly, it’s a repeated cycle of abuse, devaluation and positive reinforcement.

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

How to use personal affirmations to reduce anxiety

You’re Invited: Townhall Online – Mental Health In Focus

An online event recorded so you can watch at any time.

Can PTSD Lead To Love Avoidance?

Absolutely — and here’s why.

Love Addicts And Avoidants

Helping couples understand these common behavioral tendencies.

When Bad News Rocks Your Kids’ World

Tips for helping kids deal with difficult situations.

What’s Up With Gen Z?

Basically, they’re stressed out, and here’s why.

Goodbye Quarantine – Hello Social Awkwardness

And what to do about it

Pandemic-Induced Boozing: No Laughing Matter

Alcohol consumption has sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Here’s why that’s not good.

Change Is Inevitable – Seize The Opportunity

Tips to make the most of life’s transitions

Getting Back To Normal? Not So Fast.

Tips to help your kids resume normal activities and return to school

Healthy Ways To Manage Stress – For Your Kids’ Sake

Tips for creating a healthy family environment

Has Loneliness Become A Problem?

Indicators to watch for – and tips to combat loneliness

Grieving In The Age Of Covid

Insights about the many forms of loss during the pandemic

Leaving Loneliness Behind

Tips to ease back into normal social interaction

How To Flourish Despite Adversity

The key is resilience

How Grieving Leads To Healing

Grieving is necessary to heal

The Secret To Great Sex

In a word — it’s intimacy

A Little Secret To A Happier Relationship

A lesson derived from clear communication

Sleepless Nights? There Are Simple, Effective Ways To Cope

Tips to help you beat insomnia

Do Your Friends Like Your Dating Partner?

A question that should be explored, and here’s why

Do You Have Mental Health Questions About The Pandemic?

Submit questions by March 10, 2020 to participate in an online project

How To Improve Your Long-Distance Relationship

Common-sense ideas that may pay off in the long run

Teaching Your Kids To Properly Manage Stress

Modeling a healthy reaction to stress helps your kids in the long run

Talking To Kids About Covid

Tips for explaining the situation if a relative is ill

The Timeless Benefit Of Unstructured Play

Tips for parents to encourage “unstructured play”

Tips For Women To Manage Work-Life Balance

Especially valuable if you have kids at home remote-learning

Five Ways To Cope With Economic Stress

Dealing with pandemic-induced economic stress

Do You Have Any ‘Harmless Habits?’

10 habits that may be holding you back.

How To Get Out Of A Relationship Rut

Tips for reviving a relationship that may have been hampered by the pandemic.

Dating At A Distance — Tips To Make It Succeed

Virtual dating can work — here’s how

Feeling Post-Election Stress? Here Are Ways To Cope.

A few tips to lower your anxiety.

Combatting Suicidal Thoughts

Demi Lovato and her battle with depression and consequent suicidal thoughts.

The Ill Effects Of Racial Trauma

Racism can involve trauma that needs to be addressed in order to heal.

Six Tips For Avoiding Job Search Burnout

As if dealing with the coronavirus itself isn’t hard enough, a staggering number of people are also dealing with a side effect of the pandemic: job loss.

Fighting With Your Spouse? You’re Not Alone.

Spending 24/7 with your partner during the pandemic? What could go wrong? Actually, plenty.

Books To Ease Your Kids’ Anxiety

A list of 10 children’s books recommended by psychologists that will help comfort your kids in these trying times.

Six Tips For Comforting Your Kids In Trying Times

Kids of all ages are feeling stress and anxiety in response to the pandemic. Here are six tips to help them cope.

Prayer In Response To The Pandemic

Search volume for the term “prayer” surged 50% during February-March, 2020 as the pandemic raged worldwide. Here’s a look at how and why people pray in times of crisis.

How To Fight The Holiday Blues

Just to cap off 2020 —probably the strangest year of most of our lives — most of us are celebrating the holidays with far fewer members of our extended families. This is having a predictable result: loneliness. Here are some tips for fighting the holiday blues.

8 Ways Teachers Can Help Students In These Strange Times

While children are often responding to these strange times in negative ways, there are positive steps teachers can take to help.

Justin Bieber And The Cost Of Fame

How would it feel to be the most searched-for person in the world on Google? You might ask Justin Bieber to answer those questions because he has held that ranking at times. But there are drawbacks to fame, discussed in depth in Bieber’s new YouTube docuseries Seasons.

Do You Have Family Members Taking Covid Risks?

It may be hard to believe but here’s one more issue creating divisiveness among families: Covid safety precautions. Here are five tips to handle a conversation about a potentially contentious subject.

Six Tips For Some Much Needed Self Care

In the aftermath of the election, there is one thing we can all agree on — it has been a long, hard-fought path to the White House. It’s time for a time-out, and some self-care for ourselves and our communities. The solution? Try these six science-backed ways to give ourselves a break.

Can We Cross The Bridge Of Our Political Divide?

Does it seem like the presidential election was ages ago? It just might, especially as new state-mandated restrictions are in place in response to an increase in Covid-19-related hospitalizations. But political tensions remain, and are likely to take center stage again.

Have You Heard of Agoraphobia?

It’s a type of anxiety disorder that leads you to fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to have a negative reaction. No surprise — an uptick in agoraphobia has been noted as the Covid-19 pandemic wears on.

Little Relief After Election, According to New Survey

So, now that the election is over, are you feeling better? If not, rest assured you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the vast majority of Americans did anything but breathe a big sigh of relief.

For Families Torn Apart by Politics, Election Fallout Is Just Beginning.

Are some members of your family on one side of the political spectrum, while others are on the opposite side? Welcome to family life in America, 2020. Brittany Wong, writing on, has an insightful article on this exact subject.

Are You Feeling Socially Isolated?

With millions of people now working from home, catching up with friends on Zoom meetings and even visiting their older relatives through the safety of a glass window, feelings of isolation are predictably on the rise.

Are We All Becoming Socially Awkward?

A little-known side effect of quarantining during the pandemic: “It seems adults deprived of consistent and varied peer contact can get just as clumsy at social interactions as inexperienced kids.”

This Is Your Brain On Love

Are people in couples truly addicted to each other?

Living Through Adversity with Self-Compassion

Self-compassion helps us move beyond blame and toward appreciation

Make Your Brain Smarter

Increase your brain’s creativity, energy and focus

Why Some People Are More Resilient Than Others

A recent study discovered two factors that characterize resilient people

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