How To Avoid Getting Involved With A Narcissist

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Being in a relationship with a person with narcissistic tendencies has many subtle repercussions. If you’ve been in your relationship for a significant period of time, you may be tempted to think that things were better than they actually were.

In a YouTube video on her channel, Dr. Ramani, who specializes in narcissistic relationships, says, “A lot of narcissistic relationship happens in your head. You can start believing that pseudo reality and start to grieve that story you made up in your head.”

While it’s important to understand how to get out of a relationship with a person with narcissistic tendencies, it’s perhaps more important to know how to avoid getting entangled in the first place.

In this insightful video, Dr. Ramani offers 10 tips for becoming resistant to the temptation of forming a bond with a narcissist.