Books To Help Your Kids Thrive

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Recent studies have been confirming what a lot of parents have been observing first-hand: Kids are really struggling with anxiety, anger and other issues from the experience of the last two years. You may not be able to eliminate the causes of these emotions, but you can help your kids deal with them properly — and fortunately there is help available for that task. Writing for the website, Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream, Sara Darnell says “Many psychologists have turned to children’s books to teach young readers how to deal with their emotions.” Which books are recommended for children? Darnell has compiled the following list.

A child reading

When You Have Love. (Kira Sienes Corona) A great way to let you kids know you love them unconditionally.

Cock-A-Doodle Don’t You Dare. (Ian McArthur) Helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, especially in light of a child’s differences.

The Silent Words of Yackety Mack. (Ian McArthur) Directed to kids in the early stages of making friendships, with a focus on values.

Zen Pig: Here To Do. (Mark Brown) By teaching mindfulness and compassion, it’s just the book you need if your child needs to calm down.

Little Lucy and Her Little White Lies. (Leigha Huggins) Follow Lucy as she discovers that little “white lies” can eventually lead to a big mess.

Smiles: Say It With A Smile. (Vince Cleghorne) Although everyone has bad days, the important thing is how you react — it’s all about attitude!

Love Lottery. (Leigha Huggins) With this story of parents winning a love lottery, kids learn how much their parents treasure them.

Everyone Feels Sad Sometimes. Everyone Feels Anxious Sometimes. Everyone Feels Angry Sometimes. (Dr. Daniela Owen) The three books in this series are filled with practical tips for kids to act upon when they’re feeling sad, anxious or angry.