Marriage — ‘Masters’ vs. ‘Disasters’

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What is the key to a good marriage? There are countless counselors who are more than willing to give you advice on the subject. Dr. John Gottman, however, is different. He does not profess to be a relationship guru. Rather, he stresses that he is an expert on relationship research. Coming at the subject from this perspective, he draws on his experience researching over 3,000 couples over a 30-year period — looking at the common denominators that are present in happy and fulfilled marriages.

But there is also a twist to his research. During the course of those 30 years, many of the relationships he tracked fell apart. This gave Dr. Gottman the unanticipated opportunity to compare what he refers to as the “Masters” versus the “Disasters.” That proved to be invaluable in that it not only reveals attributes common to good marriages, but also behavior common to bad marriages. Watch the video above to see Dr. Gottman at length talk about masters and disasters.

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