Exploring Narcissism From Different Perspectives

Marriage Counseling Insights From Westlake Village-Based Patricia McTague-Loft

There may be no other relationship that is more complex, nuanced, perplexing and ultimately harmful than a relationship with a narcissist. When that involves your romantic partner, it virtually always spells big trouble.

There is a lot of information floating around about the subject, and it’s a real challenge to find credible and valuable advice. That’s why this recent interview with Matthew Hussey and Dr. Ramani is so valuable. Hussey is himself a New York Times bestselling author and relationship coach, and Dr. Ramani is a clinical psychologist and renowned expert on narcissism. In this interview, How To Spot a Narcissist When Dating, Hussey’s questions are insightful and encourage Dr. Ramani to explore the subject in depth and from different perspectives. In addition, Dr. Ramani refers to fresh insights found in her recently published book, It’s Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People.

The pair cover a lot of ground in this wide-ranging discussion, so you might want to watch and listen in bits and pieces — it is over an hour and a half long — or settle in watch all at once! Either way, if you’re involved with a narcissist, or suspect you are, you’re sure to find practical bits of wisdom that will enlighten and comfort you.