What’s Really Happening When Your Partner Criticizes You?

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It’s the rare relationship in which neither partner ever criticizes the other. It can be something trivial and maybe even endearing — ugh, you’re so grumpy before you have your coffee — but it can also be significant. “You’re always late and it drives me crazy” may point to a deeper underlying problem in a relationship.

What’s really going on when someone criticizes their partner? Esther Perel analyzes the issue in this concise video. The reality about criticism, she contends, is that behind every criticism is a wish. In an insecure relationship, admitting a wish or a desire risks rejection. So the alternative is to accuse their partner of not taking the action they want — you never/always do such and such — which is classic criticism.

But might that insecurity be a sign of an even deeper issue? A fear, perhaps even an unconscious fear, that you’re not loved? Watch Esther Perel explore the subject with her usual and extraordinary insight.