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Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling insights from Westlake Village-based California Psychotherapeutic Resources

Emotional Wellness

Each issue is available as a PDF that you may download.

2019 Newsletters

Download the October PDF: Handling Personality Conflicts

Download the September PDF: Pets and Emotional Wellness

Download the September PDF: Experiencing Grief

Grief Therapy

Download the August PDF: The Resilient Personality – Bouncing Back From Hardship

Download the August PDF: Understanding Anger

Anger management

Download the July PDF: The Crisis of Infidelity

Download the July PDF: A Good Night’s Sleep

Counseling for sleeplessness

Download the June PDF: Why Do We Procrastinate?

Westlake Village Counseling services - Procrastination

Download the June PDF: To Forgive

Download the May PDF: Understanding Anxiety

Download the May PDF: Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Marriage Counseling - Healthy Boundaries

Download the April PDF: The Committed Relationship

Relationships - Marriage counseling

Download the April PDF: Rumination – When We Get Lost In Our Thoughts

Download the March PDF: When Your Partner’s Feelings Don’t Show

Download the March PDF: Finding Intimacy

Download the February PDF: Staying Healthy At Work

Download the February PDF: Loneliness

Download the January PDF: The Lasting Relationship

Download the January PDF: Worry, Worry

2018 Newsletters

Download the December PDF: The Influence of Birth Order

Download the November PDF: Distortions In Your Body Image

Download the July-August PDF: Sometimes It Takes More Than Love
Download the May-June PDF: Social Support and Friendship

Download the March-April PDF: The Healthy Pursuit of Pleasure

Christian Marriage Counselor

Download the January-February PDF: Weight Management

Jan-Feb newsletter

2017 Newsletters

Download the November-December PDF: Distorted Thoughts: Getting Back To Reality

Nov-Dec newsletter

Download the September-October PDF: Relationships and Manipulation

Download the July-August PDF: Obsessions & Compulsions

marriage counselors westlake village

Download the May-June PDF: Why Do We Procrastinate

May-Jun newsletter

Download the March-April PDF: Arising From Codependence

March-April 2017 newsletter

Download the January-February PDF: Looking For The Right Partner

2016 Newsletters

Download the November-December PDF: Finding Happiness

Download the September-October PDF: Distortions In Your Body Image

Download the July-August PDF: A Good Night’s Sleep

Download the May-June PDF: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Download the March-April PDF: Making The Most of Our Life Transitions

Download the January-February PDF: Understanding Self Esteem

2015 Newsletters

Download the November-December PDF: Losing Your Relationship

Download the September-October PDF: The Passive-Aggressive Partner

Download the July-August PDF: Actively Listening

Download the May-June PDF: Dealing With Controlling People

Download the March-April PDF: Healthy Pleasure

Download the January-February PDF: An Awareness of Time

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