8 Rules of Love

Most everyone would probably agree that they know what love is. They may not be able to define it succinctly but they would say they have an intuitive understanding. After all, a mother need not explain the devotion she has to her children, the unwavering commitment she has to protecting them, nurturing them, encouraging them to grow. That, in a word, is love.

But love gets a bit more complicated in adulthood. Or does it? Actually, that is a statement with which Jay Shetty might disagree. In the Mel Robbins Podcast, Robbins asks her guest, Jay Shetty, what love is, and he responds with a clear, precise and uncomplicated answer.

“I define love,” says Shetty, “as when you like someone’s personality, when you respect their values, and when you’re committed to helping them achieve their goals. Are you trying to get them to the next step in their journey, or you trying to get them to the next step in your journey?”

Watch the video interview as Robbins questions Shetty’s motivation for writing his new book, 8 Rules Of Love, and explores its key insights.