Suffering From Job Search Burnout?

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As if dealing with the coronavirus itself isn’t hard enough, a staggering number of people are also dealing with a side effect of the pandemic: job loss.  What’s more, the stress of looking for work increases the longer a search goes on.

Jennifer Liu, writing for, says that “Studies have shown that extended unemployment and underemployment can have a longstanding impact on a job seeker’s physical and mental health.”

She goes on to list six tips for managing burnout during an extended job search.

  • Limit your job–hunting hours
  • Give yourself a ‘win’ every day
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Plan something to look forward to every week
  • Build a job-search buddy system
  • Remember that none of this is personal

What’s more, whether you’re searching for work or dealing with the pandemic in general, remember to practice self kindness. The pandemic will pass and maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health is of utmost importance as we gradually return to a normal, though changed, world.  

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