Increasing The Joy In Your Life Through Better Sex

Marriage Counseling Insights From Westlake Village-Based Patricia McTague-Loft

Sex is not only a wonderful fact of life between loving partners, it’s also a surprisingly delicate subject. Why is it that such a fundamental part of our being is not deeply understood and openly discussed?

Podcaster Mel Robbins asked that very question. Happily married to her husband for nearly three decades, she honestly admits their sex life could be better. So she set out to answer her own question. Her search led her to a world-leading sex expert, Dr. Emily Morse. Robbins interviews Dr. Emily in a wide-ranging discussion that covers everything from unexpected ways you’re killing your sex drive to why skipping foreplay is ruining any chance at having great sex.

The goal of the discussion is, of course, to help you and your partner rediscover the joys of true intimacy. That goal is achievable, and watching this video is one way to begin.