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Couples Therapy

Can There Be ‘The One?’

Is There A Key To Truly Loving Another?

The Truth About Bickering

Marriage — ‘Masters’ vs. ‘Disasters’

Post-Argument Repair Of A Relationship

Narcissism & Personality Disorders

What Is The Connection Between Narcissism And Mental Health?

An Update On The Science Of Narcissism


Understanding Mental Responses To Physical Ailments

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on Trauma:

Healing Trauma & How the Body Keeps the Score

Healing Trauma: How To Start Feeling Safe In Your Own Body

How To Detoxify the Body From Trauma

How Childhood Trauma is Different from PTSD

Three Ways Trauma Can Change The Brain

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Disclaimer: The screening tests and videos that are linked on this web site are not designed to provide diagnoses for the various clinical issues. They are intended solely for the purpose of identifying the symptoms of the issues and to help you make a more informed decision about seeking help. An accurate diagnosis for these clinical issues and other psychiatric disorders can only be made by a physician or qualified mental health professional after a complete evaluation. If you have scores that indicate that you meet criteria for these issues or think that you may be at risk, please contact a mental health professional or your physician.