Finding Genuine Love In A Relationship

Marriage Counseling Insights From Westlake Village-Based Patricia McTague-Loft

Most people have at least a few romantic relationships before they develop a long-term commitment. By definition, that means that most people enter new relationships with a bit of baggage from previous ones. That baggage, unfortunately, can be negative.

Is there a way to break that cycle and enter a new relationship with a fresh, positive attitude? Author and popular podcaster Jay Shetty says that you can. The key is understanding the five types of attraction: physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual. The first three are what can loosely be called “chemistry,” says Shetty. There’s nothing wrong with these three and they are actually a good starting point to build a relationship — but they should not be the end point. The last two — emotional and spiritual — have more to do with compatibility, and those must be present for a relationship to succeed over the long term.

Listen to Shetty discuss the five types of attraction and reveal insights about the interaction between them.