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Patricia has helped countless Christians overcome their life struggles. Her clients have sought help for a wide range of personal issues.

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Is your faith important to you? Does your faith play a central role in your life? Are your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors guided by Biblical standards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be important for you to seek counseling from a therapist who honors your Christian belief system.

Patricia uses her excellent client rapport and clinical expertise to help clients overcome their struggles. Her professional counseling experience includes work in Christian-based settings. She has provided therapy for church staff, missionaries, individuals, couples, and families with a wide range of clinical issues.

Patricia provides Christian counseling and a wide array of resources and referrals to ensure that clients receive realistic results which honor their Christian value system. Christian counseling goals include helping clients gain self-awareness so that they may improve interpersonal relationships and resolve problems and life crisis situations in an effective, time sensitive manner.

Christians seek counseling for a variety of reasons, including:

Cross.400px• Relationship Issues: Couples Counseling – Family Counseling – Parenting Issues

• Addiction Issues – Anger Management – Attention Deficit Disorders – Depression – Faith Crisis Counseling

• Grief – Military/Police/Firefighter – Career – Stress Management Training

In Christian counseling sessions, Patricia uses integrative Biblical and Solution-Focused psychotherapeutic techniques. The major goal of the therapeutic techniques is to provide a safe climate of trust so that the client, through self-exploration, can become aware of obstacles to growth.

The client is guided toward his own internal standards, as well as Biblical standards, instead of the external standards of the world around him. The aim of therapy is to facilitate the growth process, not merely solve problems. The client is helped in achieving greater openness, trust in self, trust in God, and increased aliveness and spontaneity.

Effective Christian Counseling is only a phone call away.

In a positive Christian-focused counseling environment, Patricia applies a professional standard of care and personalized attention to specific client needs. She offers three conditions of client treatment: a compassionate approach with empathic understanding, (i.e., walking in the clients’ shoes as they walk in them), unconditional positive regard, (i.e., every human being is worthy of dignity and respect), and congruence (i.e., genuine, authentic, and honest reactions from the therapist).

Call Patricia today at 805-241-6700 to begin the process of healing, growth, and transformation. She will provide a brief phone consultation to answer your questions and address your concerns.


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Members of the Christian Counselors Network must be state-licensed mental health professionals, insured, and attest that they are Christian with values in alignment with Focus’s and the they counsel from a biblical perspective. Membership in the Network should not be construed as an endorsement by Focus on the Family.