Do You Have Family Members Taking Covid Risks?

It may be hard to believe but here’s one more issue creating divisiveness among families: Covid safety precautions. It might be extended family members gathering for a Sunday dinner shoulder to shoulder. Or a college kid out partying while still intending to come home for the holidays. Or an otherwise level-headed relative who simply has a terrible case of quarantine fatigue.

Avoiding covid

If you’re inclined to take reasonable safety precautions and have family members who aren’t, what can you do? “If you’re still taking all the right precautions and are concerned about those in your life who aren’t,” says Kelsey Borresen writing for the Huffington Post, “you’re certainly not alone.” That’s a comforting thought, and even more comforting is knowing that there are ways to talk to someone you love in a productive way. “First,” says Berresen, “go into it with realistic expectations. Accept the fact that you can’t control their behavior, as frustrating as that may be.”

She goes on to give five valuable tips for having a hard conversation:

  • “Avoid having the conversation when you’re fired up.”
  • “Lead with your concerns, rather than statistics.”
  • “Use ‘I’ statements.”
  • “Try to reserve judgment (even though it’s hard!).”
  • “If you still can’t get through to them, you might need to stop seeing them for the time being.”

For more detailed advice on each of these points, see the entire article here.