How To Fight The Holiday Blues

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Just to cap off 2020 —probably the strangest year of most of our lives — most of us are celebrating the holidays with far fewer members of our extended families. This is having some predictable results. “A global pandemic with no end in sight means the impact of social isolation will be more palpable than usual, making more people susceptible to loneliness,” says Kenya Foy writing on

Spending time with pets
Spending time with pets is a wonderful way to fight loneliness

Technically, although we do not diagnose loneliness as a mental health condition, we often see the ill effects of loneliness in individual and family counseling sessions. Foy, in her article, agrees: “It can either be detrimental or exacerbated by the state of your emotional and physical health. That’s why it’s important to manage those feelings where possible.”

If you are feeling acute loneliness or depression this holiday season, give me a call. As an alternative, if you’d like to give yourself a lift, try reading Foy’s complete article, “11 Little Things To Do When You’re Feeling Lonely During The Holidays.”