Relationship Killers

Marriage Counseling Insights From Westlake Village-Based Patricia McTague-Loft

We often focus on what we think are the keys to a great romantic relationship. That unknowable we call chemistry. Attractiveness to the other. On a deeper level — a shared value system. The list goes on.

But once we’re in a relationship, what can threaten it? Tom Bilyeu, host of the YouTube channel Impact Theory, posed that very question to psychotherapist and best-selling author Esther Perel. 

Perel begins her deep dive into relationship killers with a typical one: complacency. We try to bring our best selves to everything we do — our work, our friendships, our passionate hobbies. Why, then, do we fall into a habit of complacency when it comes to spending time with our romantic partner? Perel has answers to this and a host of other questions.

Watch Bilyeu’s interview with Perel here.