Signs A Conversation Hog Is Really A Narcissist

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Do you ever get into a conversation with someone and they seem to simply take it over? All they want to do is control the topic of conversation and tell you what they think. If you begin to veer off the subject they drag you back to what they know about — or simply tune you out. Perhaps even worse, if they can’t control the topic, they begin to belittle it.

This pattern of behavior, if someone consistently exhibits it, is the mark of a conversational narcissist. In an insightful video by Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist who is an expert on narcissism, she points out nine signs of conversational narcissism. These signs range from someone acting as if they are superior or are the only expert on a subject to someone constantly interrupting anyone who dares to take center stage in the conversation — especially in a group situation.

Do you know someone you suspect may be a conversational narcissist? Watch the video for a full description of all nine signs.