Design Test for Caroline

I looked further into the paid theme: scist.  It is made by diviawesome and sold on the website and the elegant themes marketplace.   It’s so hard to know how well a paid theme will work as you cannot try them out before buying them.  I do not have much experience with the paid child themes.  There are not many reviews and it’s very hard to tell how easy or how well it will work.  

Here is the deal with this child theme (scist):
a. You can buy it from elegant themes – you have to have a DIVI account ($89/year).  Then it would be $39/year for scist.  There is a 30 day refund.

b. You can buy it on diviawesome – $49.  We can use my DIVI license. Looks like it’s a one time fee but there is no refund policy.

I am fine going with a free or paid theme.  I think either one is going to take some configuration to an extent.   My fear is that we buy a paid theme and end up with an unmanageable framework.  However, the upside is that we get a really great looking theme that has Divi as the backend.

There it all is……let me know if you have questions.


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